Welcome to Dave Weaver Upholstery where we design and create a range of upholstery items direct from our Hereford based workshop.  

The name Weaver is synonymous for upholstery in Hereford.  Dave is the son of Melvyn Weaver who is the Weaver of "Wilkes and Weaver" which was based in Offa Street back in the 70's .  Dave worked alongside his dad for many years at Offa Street, Mortimer Road and Whitestone before he took the plunge to go on his own.  Since that time he has worked both at Mortimer Road and Red Barn Drive and now is in the fortunate position of being able to work from his home-based workshop just on the outskirts of Hereford on the Canon Pyon Road. 

Due to the lack of upholsterers in Hereford and the increased demand in people wanting to reupholster Dave's wife Carley left her job in the NHS to come and work alongside him. Initially this was meant to be temporary just to help whilst Dave branched out on his own but due to the ever-increasing work load, she has continued to work along side him and help to grow the business to what it is now.  It is not unusual for her to be sending emails of a morning and by afternoon be knee deep in stripping and prepping furniture for Dave work his talents on. 

Dave and Carley have worked with a diverse portfolio of clients including both domestic and commercial customers, creating everything from small bespoke pieces to fully kitting out bars and restaurants.  They have been involved in the industry for many years now and have gained an understanding of the best practices in order to create truly outstanding pieces.  They have experience of creating a range of upholstery products including chairs, sofas, ottomans and headboards.  They do also under take car seat repairs (cigarette burn removal, replacement panels, burst stitching and degraded foam) both for local garages and private customers. 


Kitchen seating 



Commercial work